Using the latest R4i SDHC 3DS Nintendo cards

7:12 am on November 10, 2012 , , ,

I’ve seen a lot of people curious about R4 3DS Cards. It may be because they are interested in expanding their Nintendo DS experience, or maybe they heard something in the press about companies moving to stop R4 3DS Cards sales. Regardless, I thought that adding a personal touch to this discussion would really help show people the truth behind R4 3DS Cards. You see, they are not challenging, difficult, or a means for piracy. Instead, R4 3DS Cards have always been a way to expand and make the Nintendo DS more engaging.



When I first bought R4 3DS Cards…


Well, lets go back even further to when I first purchased a Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DS was exciting. It was significantly better the Game Boy Advanced and comparable to other gaming platforms. More then that however, I really wanted to recreate the experiences I had with the GBA, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and N64.


I was surprised when I saw both how many features the Nintendo DS offered, as well as how shallow those features felt. Having a camera was awesome, being able to record sound was awesome, but they were very simple things to play around with.


When I first got word that a company was making a device that allowed me to play around with the Nintendo DS, I was thrilled! Suddenly, I was able to play games I created in flash on my DS, as well as listen to my music, show off my photos, and even watch movies I legally purchased.


In short, the Nintendo DS became the best portable console I had ever owned.



What have they been like over the past few years…


Over the past few years, R4 3DS Cards have taken a beating. Their sale has been limited in some countries, there is legislation out there to stop them from being sold entirely, and Nintendo even tried to brick my system.


I was hurt, and offended by this. I don’t have an illegal bone in my body yet Nintendo and people I have never met before were suddenly telling me that I was not only wrong buy doing illegal things. Their reaction made me want to pirate games (even though it didn’t) when I had never before considered it.



Overall, I still like R4 3DS Cards, even though I nearly lost my portable gaming console as a result. It made the DS worthwhile in my mind, and I would never take back using it.