Using Nintendo DS for gaming on the go

11:13 am on February 18, 2011

The video game wars are as competitive as ever. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft compete for shares of the multi-billion dollar video game market. While hardware plays a huge part of earning customer loyalty, there is another crucial aspect: the gaming experience. While many popular games, such as Madden, get released across all of the consoles, one of the big differences between the various video game companies is the exclusive right to certain franchises. Many popular franchises have found homes not only on the home consoles but on handhelds, like the Nintendo DS consoles.

One of the big advantages to Nintendo is the fact that the franchises that feature prominently in the childhood of many gamers. Popular names such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Link and Zelda can only be found on the consoles of Nintendo. These franchises are some of the mainstays of video game history. Nintendo recognizes this by re-releasing several of their most popular games on the Nintendo DS consoles. However, this isn’t enough. Nintendo has also continued to develop new and exclusive games for their most popular franchises on the Nintendo DS.

Perhaps one of the biggest blast from the past is also the top selling game on the Nintendo DS, ever. Super Mario Brothers was one of the most popular games in history. As a follow-up, Nintendo released New Super Mario Bros. Featuring the classic side-scrolling style that made the first games so popular, this game is far more than just a remake. nintendo dsFeaturing eight worlds, including 80 all-new levels, this game is reminiscent of the original gameplay, updated with lots of new features. Its popularity is widespread, having sold over 30 million copies. Other brand new Mario games have been released for the Nintendo DS, including Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario 64 and others.
The Legend of Zelda series has also been continued on the Nintendo DS. While three different games have been re-released for the handheld consoles, another three original games have been released: Spirit Tracks and the Phantom Hourglass for the Nintendo DS and A Link Between Worlds, a follow-up to the popular Super Nintendo game a Link to the Past, for the 3DS.

This just scratches the surface of the popular game franchises found on the Nintendo DS consoles. Kirby, Donkey Kong, Pokémon and Professor Layton all have new and original games found on these popular consoles. Fan favorites and being reinvented and reimagined on the Nintendo DS family of consoles.