Sonic Adventure Battle 2 Game for the Nintendo Gamecube

8:49 pm on December 20, 2016

Sonic is one of Sega’s franchise favorites. When Nintendo had their Mario games, Sega had their Sonic games too.

But, since Sega has left the game console niche, the company focused on creating games instead of releasing new consoles entirely. Looking for a cheap new gadget? try the hoverboard pas cher from

Today, I am going to talk about the Sonic Adventure Battle 2 Game for the Nintendo Gamecube. This is their second game since they’ve left the game console niche.

This is also the second title where they created a game which has three different gaming modes baked into one.

The story starts when Doctor Eggman infiltrated the G.U.N. facility. He went there because he read a diary of his late grandfather stating that the G.U.N facility is hiding something that can alter the tide of battle.

Then, he comes across the Shadow Hedgehog. The Shadow hedgehog just looks like an evil version of Sonic and he is depicted with a black color as well.

After releasing the Shadow Hedgehog, Eggman tasked “Shadow” to go to Central city to retrieve a Chaos Emerald.

After getting the Chaos Emerald in that city, G.U.N soldiers tried to arrest him. Sonic was also present in the scene and people were surprised to see two Sonic the Hedgehogs.

Shadow and Sonic had a brief confrontation before Shadow went ahead. G.U.N members were convinced that Sonic had something to do with this and so, they captured Sonic instead.

In another instance, Rouge and Knuckles fight over an item called the “Master Emerald” only for it to be taken away by Dr. Eggman with the use of his Claw Machine.

During his escape, Knuckles was able to punch the Master Emerald, shattering it to pieces before Eggman manages to escape with it.

After shattering it to pieces, Knuckles gathered every shattered Emerald pieces he could find while Rouge, since working as a spy for the government, caught with Eggman in his base.

Apparently, Dr. Eggman wants to use the weapon his late grandfather built and the only way to power it up is by using the power of the Chaos and Master emeralds.

The story then focuses on Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles attempt to stop Dr. Eggman from ever using the powerful weapon.

The Sonic Adventure Battle 2 Game for the Nintendo Gamecube is a dynamic game in that it has two story modes: Hero and Dark. In the Hero team, you will get to control Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. On the Dark team, you will control Dr. Eggman, Shadow, and Rouge.

Each campaign alternates between these two teams and each of them telling their side of the story.

As previously mentioned, this has only happened the second time, with the first version of the game being the other game to do this.

Each of the hero and dark characters are mirror-images in the sense that when you play them, they will have a similar gameplay method.

For example, when you play either Sonic or Shadow, you will be presented with fast-paced levels focusing on platforming elements.

For tails and Dr. Eggman, their levels are more centered towards shooting and flying. And finally, for Knuckles and Rouge, it is more centered around puzzle-solving and treasure hunting.

The Sonic Adventure Battle 2 Game for the Nintendo Gamecube also has the “Life” system like in previous titles. You get to collect rings and whenever you’re hit, the character drops all of them. In the event that you get hit while you do not have any rings with you, you will lose a life.

The Sonic Adventure Battle 2 Game for the Nintendo Gamecube is another innovative game title by Sega and it is a really fun game to play.