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Do you want to get payday loans with bills?

Ours is a reality specialized in the provision of payday loans with bills of exchange in the province of Potenza.

We have been operating throughout the Basilicata region for a long time with professionalism and seriousness.

We give the possibility to obtain access to many types of payday loans with bills of exchange both to state employees, public, pensioners and to various other categories such as small artisans and young entrepreneurs.

Loan with Senise bills

Practical information for payday loans with bills 

payday loan with a promissory note is a fairly fast type of payday loan, even if the payday loan may require a series of guarantees that do not allow everyone to easily access credit.

We know that today people are facing various difficulties in obtaining payday loans changed in , for this reason the main intent is to make available to customers our great experience in the field of payday loans and payday loans.

To cope with the most varied requests that today arise, we are aware that the main step to get access to a payday loan with a bill of exchange is to guide the subject through specific advice to then facilitate the person and make sure that the path be simple enough until the final credit is disbursed.

Information on payday loans with bills in

Therefore, for each type of evaluation, we provide our experience regarding the provision of payday loans with bills of exchange in the city of .

Both for individuals and for companies in there are different types of payday loans with bills of exchange, ranging from the simplest forms of payday loans changed with guarantees to the most complex without guarantor.

With this it is easy to understand that today people always look for a quick and fast way to get different types of payday loans both for necessities such as restructuring, the purchase of goods for the home and for events such as marriage and travel.

We are fully available on any type of information regarding payday loans, given our proven experience in the field of payday loans with bills in the province of Potenza.

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How to track the paid installments of your payday loan Sat, 30 Mar 2019 18:11:22 +0000

When acquiring a personal payday loan or payroll deductible payday loan, consumers take on a debt that can last for several years. In order not to lose sight of the value that has already been paid and what remains to be removed, it is good to be aware of the experts’ tips:

Control the installments of your payday loan with spreadsheets


When signing a contract, the document should indicate not only the fixed amount of the installments but also the interest that will be incurred over time. The first step not to get lost in this tangle of numbers is to create an Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet on your personal computer, indicating what has already been paid and the installments to be won each month. The ideal is to make a flap for each year, separated by 12 months. That way you can see more clearly. If you have an accountant’s help, try to make some charts or spreadsheets that can cross your debt with your monthly budget to estimate how much you may have left over each month.

Access your payday loan statement

If you are a retiree or a pensioner and your payday loan was made in the form of payroll deductible payday loans, the INSS website provides an online consultation of your statement. To access, you must enter the Social Security page, enter your benefit number, date of birth and CPF. In case of doubts, the support of the organ is available through the telephone 135. Even having access to this information, the ideal is also to transfer the data to a personal computer. That way you can make more accurate estimates of how much you still have to pay and in how much time.

Ask your manager for the payday loan statement

Ask your manager for the loan statement

Banks or financial institutions that offer personal payday loans can also provide your debt data. Consult your manager, ask for a detailed statement, or log on to internet banking to make that query. If you are not detailed enough, the bank should be consulted in person and you have the right to have access to the information. If you encounter any irregularities when you cross the statement with your payment vouchers, it is important that you report it immediately. Ask an accountant for help, redo the debt accounts periodically, and see if the interest is within the margin that was agreed in the initial contract.

All of this follow-up is even more important if you want to renegotiate the debt soon enough. If you receive some extra money or even get your back, this money can help you take out a payday loan or real estate payday loan, for example. Have the whole payday loan history in hand and be prepared.


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Compare payday loans up to SEK 500,000 despite payment remarks Fri, 15 Feb 2019 19:20:04 +0000


Providers cooperates with lenders who will go through the application individually to present an offer that they consider appropriate. If you have good creditworthiness, you can get up to loan promises from these loan institutions: An assessment at

Draw security insurance covering your loan

A smart supplementary insurance that you can take out in connection with an application for a loan is a loan protection that backs you up if you were supposed to be unemployed or sick for a period. If the insurance is activated, a monthly amount corresponding to the original monthly cost of a maximum of SEK 10,000 per month is covered. The insurance is valid for up to 12 months, provided that it is not able to repay the loan according to agreement. The insurance costs 6.75% of the secured monthly amount. If you have co-applicants who have also chosen to take out loan protection, you pay 6.75% per person.


Apply for payday loans

Start by filling in the loan amount you want to apply for and the repayment period. An approximate monthly cost that includes interest and amortization will be presented, but remember that this is only a calculation example and the interest rate can only be set after a credit check has been made. The entire application process takes place in 4 simple steps and you can of course apply 24 hours a day, but answers are expected within 24 hours, provided you submit the application during a weekday. 


Payment and credit check

When loan offers are presented and you have chosen to proceed but a lender is signing with BankID and upon approved agreement, the money is paid out to your bank account within 1-2 banking days. We suggest that you send in the application during a weekday for the fastest response and payment.

It takes 1 UC control to cover all requests. It requires that you have a stable income in the form of work or pension. Loans can be granted despite up to 10 payment remarks, they must, however, be at least 6 months old and that one must not have current debt with the Danish National Insurance Agency. Anyone who applies for loans with payment remarks can be approved for a maximum amount of
SEK 250,000


Interest and expenses at providers

Direct transfers loans where nominal interest rates are expected to be from 2.95% up to 29% and the effective annual interest rate is between 3 and 33.23%. The majority of borrowers are said to receive an effective interest rate between 3-10%. Note that providers’s service is completely free and it is each lender who determines the individual interest rates. Interest and cost are based on one’s creditworthiness, loan amount, maturity and income and age. The total cost of your loan is presented before you approve and sign the loan agreement, before that is not binding.

Requirements for you as a borrower:

  • At least 20 years +
  • Have an annual income of at least SEK 100,000
  • Have some form of employment or pension
  • Been debt-free from the Swedish Enforcement Authority for at least 6 months
  • Not received any payment note in the last 6 months
  • Loan with payment note
  • Payment within 1-2 business days
  • payday loans with low interest rates
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Payday Loans for Employees: How to get them Thu, 07 Feb 2019 19:15:58 +0000


Payday loan for employees: the advantages

Founded in 1862 as an independent company, today is a joint-stock company, whose capital is held 100% by the State through the Ministry of Economy and Finance. In fact, the company has a widespread presence on the national territory, thanks to a staff of 142,268 employees, distributed throughout Italy in the 13,310 post offices, of which over 700 . An assessment at

Being a state-owned company, employees enjoy special discounts, normally provided for public employees. First of all the presence of an employment contract , often for an indefinite period. Conditions unknown to many workers, especially the younger ones.

How to obtain payday loan for employees

In the face of a pay slip, banks and finance companies grant payday loan more easily. This is in fact one of the main guarantees required by credit institutions, which in the event of insolvency may require the attachment of salary. In fact, in fact, the provision of a personal loan is not subject to the presentation of real guarantees.

Retired loans in Sardinia

However, if the credit profile of the applicant is not strong enough to guarantee repayment of the credit, the bank may request the presentation of additional guarantees in order to limit the risk of default. Among these, the most used is the signature of a guarantor, who undertakes to repay the loan in the event of failure to pay the debtor.

Subjects reported in the databases as protesters and bad payers are excluded from personal payday loan. These can however resort to payday loan on the sale of the fifth , which are distinguished from the traditional personal payday loan for the repayment method: the installments are deducted from the pay slip.

Payday loan for employees on assignment of the fifth

The amortization plan provides for monthly installments with a constant amount and the interest rate remains fixed for all the repayment duration. The salary assignment is guaranteed only by the presence of the pay slip.

However, the financing finds some form of protection from the risk of default in the accrued by the employee. This has the function of protecting the lender against the risk of injury, loss of work or death before the loan is settled .

In order to safeguard the guarantees, the reference legislation establishes that the applicant cannot request advances on for the entire duration of the repayment. To mitigate the risk of insolvency, the mandatory underwriting of a policy against life risk and employment risk is also envisaged, which guarantees the coverage of the residual debt possibly exceeding.

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Payday loans pros and cons review Thu, 24 Jan 2019 18:51:53 +0000

Payday loan is next to provident a loan company. Using her services, we can get: for a critique

  • a loan in the amount of 2 to 15 thousand zlotys;
  • repayment period from 6 to 36 months.

The offer is therefore not very rich. What should bother us to take a loan in Payday loan or discourage this step?

Payday loans reviews:

Payday loans reviews:


The main advantages that will help you get a loan in this company include:

  • a simple way to get a loan – just after entering the company website, use the loan calculator, register and submit an application. After accepting the application, the lender contacts by phone;
  • a simple way of data verification by means of a transfer in the amount of PLN 1;
  • low costs of obtaining a loan – commissions and fixed costs;
  • quick money transfer after verification;
  • the possibility of obtaining a loan even if it is included in the debtors databases;
  • low APY for clients entering into a contract with Payday for the first time;
  • possibility of using the so-called loan holidays by a month – applies to loans for a period of more than 6 months. In the case of larger sums from monthly holidays, we can use up to several times;
  • relatively low interest rates for past due installments – for individual cases.

Payday defects of the loan

The most frequently mentioned negative premises, which cause that some people are not willing to conclude a contract are:

  • the need to have stable income guaranteeing repayment of installments;
  • no free first loan;
  • no possibility to adjust the amount of the loan we want to get and time, i.e. the number of installments in which it will be repaid;
  • the need to have a bank account with access to electronic banking;
  • delays in both data verification and loan transfers resulting from the functioning of electronic banking;
  • in the event of termination of the contract due to the borrower’s fault, a very short period for repayment of the entire outstanding amount and sale of debt to the companies dealing in debt collection.
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