4 Reasons Why You Need to Use a Cloud Storage Service If You’re Using an IP Camera

12:25 pm on October 11, 2016

IP Cameras are now used by many people to have surveillance around their surroundings such as their homes and offices.

What IP cameras usually do is they store their video footage in an NVR or a microSD card. Although they do the job pretty well, they are vulnerable in the sense that the date can just be readily erased or stolen.

The good thing is that a lot of IP cameras now make use of cloud storage services. Since there are a lot of cloud storage services available today, it would be a waste to not be able to enjoy it.

So today, I am going to tell you the 4 reasons why you need to use a cloud storage service if you’re using an IP camera or a set of them.

1. Security. The very first and important reason why you need to use cloud storage services to store your IP camera’s footage is because of security. As previously mentioned, although the IP camera sends footage to an NVR or a microSD card, the data that was transmitted can be readily deleted by perpetrators and people with malicious intents. If you’re going to use cloud storage services, you will have that peace of mind because cloud storage services employ an encryption algorithm that is nearly impossible to hack. Furthermore, if the data is compromised while you’re using cloud storage services, you can get compensation from the cloud storage service you’ve used.

2. Inexpensive. Cloud storage services have become more affordable than ever before. In fact, you can get a 100GB plan for just $30. It would be wise for you to get a hold of these services because you will no longer have to worry about the security of your data. Furthermore, some cloud storage service providers have a few different perks as well, so why not avail of it, right?

3. Accessibility. Another major reason to use cloud storage services to store your IP camera’s footage is the accessibility. We now use our mobile phones for pretty much everything in our lives. You can access the footage or data files right from your mobile phone. Also, there are certain cloud storage services that make use of their own mobile phone apps which is much easier to use. If you are always worried about what is currently happening in your premises and you have a mobile phone with you with an internet connection, then cloud storage services are a godsend.

4. Recovery. In the beginning of the article, I said that data stored in the NVRs and microSD cards can readily be deleted. By using cloud storage services, you pretty much eliminate that problem as data is stored on their secure servers. Furthermore, in the event that your NVR gets deleted, you can recover your files safely and quickly because you’ve used a cloud storage service.

There you have it; 4 compelling reasons to use cloud storage services when you’re using an IP camera.

Be sure to use cloud storage services to make sure that your data is not only safe and secure but also easily accessible to you as well.